When is the best time to install a metal roof on my home? 

Have you been thinking about having a metal roof installed on your home, but you are unsure about what time of year would be the best to do it? At Metal Roofing Solutions, we are experts when it comes to metal roofing material and installations. We can be your one-stop-shop for everything metal roofing! The fall is a pretty good time of year to install metal roofs for many good reasons. The temperatures are cooler, there is plenty of time to recover from harsh summer conditions, and you can have your new metal roof installed before the winter comes. In this article by Metal Roofing Solutions, we expand on a few reasons why the fall is the best time to install a new metal roof on your home.

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When the weather is more comfortable, your installation can go much smoother

When the fall season rolls around, it usually means the temperatures drop and become far less intense. This creates a better work environment for your installation contractors to work in. When your installation contractors are comfortable in their work environment, it can lead to higher productivity and attention to detail. Working on any home improvement project can be dangerous for your contracting team, and roofing work is one of the most inherently dangerous types of home improvement. During the hot weather, the crew installing a roof may need to take more frequent breaks to prevent heat exhaustion, and working in the hot sun is extremely uncomfortable. On the end of the weather spectrum, working in the winter can be just as uncomfortable. Roofers will need to wear heavier, bulkier clothing that can impede range of motion, and precipitation is more likely to interfere with a home improvement project during the winter. The fall season offers the perfect working conditions.

Fall is a good recovery period from the harsh summer weather 

Summer in Ontario is hot, humid, and generally unforgiving when it comes to home maintenance. Many homeowners notice mold and mildew growth on their asphalt shingle roofs during the winter due to high humidity levels, which create ideal growing conditions for these substances. Instead of spending the early fall cleaning off an asphalt shingle roof and repairing damaged sections of the roof, why not take the opportunity to install a new metal roof at the most ideal time of the year?

Prepare your home for winter 

Installing a metal roof in the fall will also allow you to adequately prepare your home for the winter months. Metal roofs are much better at shedding snow than asphalt shingle roofs, and snowmelt cannot make its way into the seams of a professionally installed metal roof’s panels. Metal roofs also offer better insulation, absorbing much more sunlight than asphalt shingle roofs. Take the time in the fall to prepare your roof for the long winter. 

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