Majestic Ribbed Steel

The bold and classic design of the Majestic ribbed steel shingle makes it one of our most popular metal roofing products for commercial, residential, cottage and agricultural applications.

  • Incredibly adaptable
  • Can be used for both roofing or siding, exterior or interior
  • Excellent choice for low slope or areas where ice and snow may back up

The anti-siphon on the lapped rib prevents capillary action from occurring.

  • Popular 38” width (36” coverage)
  • G-90 Grade A and AZ150 Grade A
  • 3/4″ major ribs on a 9″ center with intermediate ribs to provide maximum strength
  • Major ribs are topped with a wide 3/8” anti-dimple bead allowing quick and easy fastening

These ripped steel shingles are typically offered in 26 & 29 gauge. Contact us today to learn more about these and other metal roofing products & solutions.

Manufactured by: Havelock Metal