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Etobicoke Metal Roofing

Etobicoke is a luxurious 15 minute drive from downtown Toronto, yet lays sprawled over lovely scenic landscape. The South end of the region sweeps across the shore of Lake Ontario, and the borders of town climb north between the Humber River and the Etobicoke Creek. This blend of natural setting and urban convenience make Etobicoke a premium investment for property ownership, and the region is home to many beautiful lakefront and suburban homes.

Did you know that about 46% of Etobicoke’s dwellings were constructed prior to 1960?

This means that when it comes to the value of the area’s homes, lasting power and insurance rates mean a lot to investors and new residents.

Keep your Etobicoke home on the top of a thriving market with long-lasting, value-boosting metal roofing. Call the pros at Metal Roofing Solutions to see what a roof upgrade can do for your real estate value today!

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Colleen Alves"We don’t just sell metal roofs, we believe in the Metal Roofing Solution."
Colleen Alves
Metal Roofing Solutions