Metal Roofing Prices and Estimates

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Paying too much for your metal roof? What makes up the price?

That’s an excellent question, but an even better question to ask is, “what is the cost of metal roofing per square foot?”

When you look at the per square foot pricing you’re better able to more accurately compare apples to apples, which is a square foot price, or “square” which in roofing equals 100 square feet. “Square” pricing includes labour and the material costs but not the taxes.

Pricing of metal roofing is easily accessible. You can check on the internet across many neutral sites where typically you’ll find the price ranges for different roofing substrates. When researching as a product of choice you’re looking at anywhere from about $9 to $15 a square foot.

“Am I Paying too Much for a Metal Roof?”

The price variances are based on many factors.



The substrate: Are you pricing steel? Are you pricing aluminum?


Are you dealing with commission sales people? That will have a great influence per square foot pricing.


How that metal is treated: Are you dealing with a stone coated product which is a granular coating, or are you dealing with a painted product. What is the coating used?


Generally pricing does not include any stripping cost. It doesn’t include any work required because of complications of the roof lines e.g. tremendous number of valleys to rate, very odd and intricate roof lines or skylights.


Are you dealing with a small company that has very little overhead, so their overhead expenses are minimal? They may sell and install themselves and, therefore, they are not contracting any labor in.


Solar panel systems and pool heating systems are individually factored into metal roofing pricing depending upon the project that you are looking at and therefore generally increases cost.

Overall cost per square is the most effective way to comparison shop when you want to get the best deal on metal roofing.

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The price of a metal roof depends on the size of your roof in square feet. Metal roofing shingles can range from $9 to $15 per square foot.

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