Roofing Contract Caledon Ontario

In these tough economic times, a contract can be a roofer’s best friend because it will contain terms that will assist the roofer in collecting money or defending claims. Although this article, by Metal Roofing Solutions, will not discuss all the provisions needed in a residential roofing contract, it will focus on five important provisions that every residential metal roofing contract in Caledon Ontario should include. Read on for more information.

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Scope of Work Provisions:

The majority of litigated disputes arise out of or relate to problems with the scope of work. Often, contractors are seeking payment for extras that were not originally contemplated in the contract. However, the homeowner may believe that the contract included all roofing work to be performed on the project. For example, a roofing contractor that is providing a new roof for a homeowner may encounter rotted decking that needs to be replaced. The contract does not specifically detail the cost or price for replacing the rotten wood. The roofing contractor incurs another $2,000 in deck replacement and seeks to charge the homeowner for the additional charge. The homeowner objects stating that the contract did not mention that the decking would be an extra charge.

Notice Provision:

All residential metal roofing contracts in Caledon Ontario should contain a notice provision which requires that the owner notify the contractor of any defects or claims within a certain time period. The notice provision must be clear and unambiguous and should also provide that failure to provide the contractor with notice results in the owner waiving any damages arising out of that claim. The courts have strictly construed these notice provisions and have required that the contractor provide the owner with a reasonable period of time to notify the contractor.

Lawyer Fees Provision:

All metal roofing contracts in Caledon Ontario should contain an lawyer fees provision which allows the contractor to obtain lawyer fees in the event it has to seek payment or defend claims against the owner. A lawyer fees provision not only provides the contractor with the opportunity to collect its lawyer fees, but also gives the contractor’s lawyer an additional settlement tool that may encourage an owner to settle because of the risk of the owner having to pay for the contractor’s lawyer fees.

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