Roofing Contract in Maple, Ontario

The contract is perhaps the most important thing you should consider in any roofing project. Being legal and binding, it assures you of good quality workmanship. It’s a guarantee that you will get your money’s worth. In this article by Metal Roofing Solutions, we will talk about some important items that you should find in a good roofing contract in Maple Ontario. Read on for more information.

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Project Duration:

Having a projected start and end date on your contract helps eliminate the possibility of long and winding constructions. Experienced contractors will be able to give accurate time frames once they study your roof.

Product Details:

Every single material selection should be itemized in your roofing contract in Maple Ontario. Your contract should also indicate quantities of materials as well as all the relevant warranty information.

Procedure Details:

In this section of the contract, you should be able to see things such as the daytime hours your contractor plans to be working, as well as specific installation methods and safety precautions.

Terms of Payment:

Payment terms must be stipulated in the roofing contract in Maple Ontario. Common terms include a downpayment and subsequent payments after the project’s completion. You should be wary of contractors who insist on full payment upfront.

Warranty Information:

To avoid future issues with your roofing, it is best to have warranty details in the contract that clearly show the duration and under what terms and conditions you may contact your roofer for repairs. Good contractors will always work with contracts and good roofing contracts will always have these five items. Metal Roofing Solutions offers a limited 50 year warranty on our work.

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