Roofing Company Serving GTA

As this year comes to an end, and the Canadian winter begins it’s encroaching push into autumn, you may be wondering about the condition of your roof and if it will last the winter. With Metal Roofing Solutions, this qualified and knowledgeable roofing company serving GTA can stop those worries. Our company is well equipped to care for all of our clients’ roofing needs.

Whether you are looking for a wide selection of metal shingles and colors that can withstand Canadian winters, or are in search of a roofing company that is environmentally oriented, Metal Roofing Solutions is the company for you! Read on to learn more.


Metal Roofing Solutions offers an array of products to all of our clients. With a choice between Slate Metal Shingles, Steel Roofing Tiles, Majestic Ribbed Steel, and Legacy Standing Seam, and even Wood Shingle alternatives, our company can cover all of your metal roofing needs. With a large roster of metal roofing materials, Metal Roofing Solutions works hard to become the best roofing company serving the GTA it possibly can!

We offer different colors depending on the shingle- and if we do not have a color that matches your house, you can inquire about our Special Program Color to find the right fit for you!

Steel Roofing tiles by Astonwood and StoneCrest offer 7 colour choices. They are also designated for convenient installation, as these shingles can be installed over existing asphalt shingles, eliminating disposal costs and the mess at the same time!

We carry slate metal shingles by Armadura Metal Roof, as all of their products are engineered to withstand extreme weather conditions. Offered in Ember, Stone, Eclipse and Kodiak, these shingles are made with the highest grade galvanized steel on the market, making them some of the most durable shingles out there- perfect for Canadian winter conditions.


As our society witnesses a newfound drive to clean our planet and make the switch to greener and more sustainable living options, Metal Roofing Solutions is doing their part too! Our metal roofing is environmentally friendly, as they are made up of 25 to 95% recycled content depending on the material used, and are wholly recyclable when they have reached the end of their lifespan. Where asphalt is estimated to last 12 to 15 years, we provide a 50-year guarantee and warranty to all of our clients.

Not only is asphalt less durable but it’s destruction also adds to the world’s annual waste stream consisting of twenty-billion pounds per year. That’s a lot of waste! But as an ecologically focused roofing company serving the GTA, Metal Roofing Solutions, is working towards a more sustainable future.

Get in contact with a member of our team to learn more about Metal Roofing Solutions and how they can help you this winter!