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If you are in need of new roof shingles in Pickering for your home or your business, then you should consider the services of Metal Roofing Solutions. Metal Roofing Solutions is located in Whitby, ON, and we take great pride in servicing residents from Whitby, the surrounding area, and all over Ontario. Metal Roofing Solutions provides exceptional metal roofing installation services for residential consumers, businesses, and homeowners. We also serve consumers and contractors throughout Ontario, and supply premium-grade metal roofing products to contractors across Canada. If you are noticing that your roof shingles in Pickering are bending up or down, are cracked, have moss growing on them, or are missing altogether, these are all indications that your roof’s lifespan is up, and you need to seriously consider getting a new roof installed. Metal roof shingles in Pickering are not new, the material ha been around for many years, but people are starting to really catch on to the advantages you get with metal roof shingles in Pickering. Also, all of our metal roofing shingles and accessories are 100% recyclable; they’ll never end up in a landfill. If you are looking for new roof shingles in Pickering for your home or your business, then you need to contact the professionals at Metal Roofing Solutions today!

There are numerous benefits of having metal roof shingles in Pickering installed on your home or business, and Metal Roofing Solutions has provided a few of these benefits.

It Is Permanent:

Many consumers are quickly finding out that today’s asphalt is expected to last 12-15 years at most. In some cases, asphalt will require replacement in as little as 8 years! Metal is for life. Metal Roofing Solutions provides a 50 year manufacturer’s warranty that is transferrable to an additional owner.

Proven Durability:

Our metal roof shingles in Pickering are constantly meeting testing and code approvals, and our metal shingles are the most tested on the market today.

Highly Reflective:

This involves solar radiation being reflected away from the surface.

Barrier Protection:

A durable layer of zinc coats the steel and forms a physical barrier from environmental elements; paint on your house protects this way.

For more information about roof shingles in Pickering from Metal Roofing Solutions, please feel free to continue browsing through our website, or you can contact us at 1-866-894-4040, or by filling out our contact form on our website.