Roof Shingles For Oshawa Residents

The roof is arguably the most important part of the protection system for your home. Perhaps even more essential than the exterior walls. As the most exposed plane, the roof has a mammoth task. It’s under constant assault from the sun and rain, and, if leaky, could result in thousands of dollars worth of direct repair as well as ancillary damage. Still, a roof is one of those things that many consumers don’t think about until there is a blizzard, hail storm, or rainstorm. This is especially true when deciding on what type of material to choose for roof shingles in Oshawa. Let’s take a look at how metal roof shingles in Oshawa measure up against the “more common roofing material,” asphalt.

Metal Roof Shingles in Oshawa


Can be installed over an old roof, Material is lighter, More energy efficient, Little maintenance, May be eligible for tax credits and insurance discounts, More durable, Fire resistant, 100 percent recyclable, Higher home resale value, Longer warranties.


Requires special installation processes, Can be noisy without proper installation, Materials and installation cost more.

Asphalt Roof Shingles in Oshawa


More popular with homeowners, Variety of colors, Easier and faster to install, Materials and installation cost less, Performs well in winter, Less expensive to repair, Some are fire resistant.


Old roof should be removed before installation, Material is heavier, Less durable, Subject to wind and hail damage, Susceptible to mildew, algae, and mold, Absorbs heat from the summer sun, Lifecycle is short (8-12 years), Not recyclable.

You want more than a basic shelter when you plan where you will live, and the roof can be what makes the difference between a house and safe, secure home. A roof fits the structural design, protects you from the elements, and insulates you from summer’s heat and winter’s cold. Metal Roofing Solutions can be your supplier of premium grade metal roof shingles in Oshawa for the roof replacement on your home of your business. Our expert knowledge, installation, customer service, and honest pricing is undeniable, and we encourage you to inquire with us today!

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