Quality Metal and Steel Roofing Contractor: Metal Roofing Solutions

If you are looking for a quality metal and steel roofing contractor in the Oshawa area, then Metal Roofing Solutions wants to work with you! Metal roofing is no longer just considered for commercial businesses and warehouses. More and more residential housings are seeing a switch from asphalt and other building materials to metal roofing. Metal Roofing Solutions offers quality products and top services to all of their clients.

By choosing Metal Roofing Solutions, you are saying yes to durability and strength, as well as a more peaceful home. Read on to learn more details!


By installing metal roofing and using one of our trusted contractors to do it, you will see an overall improvement in longevity and strength, as well as long-term financial benefits in a way that traditional asphalt shingles could not.

Metal roof lasts three to seven times longer than the typical asphalt shingles roofing, and depending on local weather conditions, need little to no maintenance, making Metal Roofing Solutions your top choice for a quality metal and steel roofing contractor in the Oshawa area. Our metal roofing is durable and safe, able to withstand wind gusts over two-hundred kilometres per hour.

Not only are our products stable, but they are fire resistant as well. No need to worry about a stray spark from a forest fire or lightning storm, as metal roofing will not catch on fire. With such safety oriented materials, you could see a lower cost in your home insurance too!

Noise Reduction

By enlisting the help of Metal Roofing Solutions with our quality metal and steel roofing contractor in tow, we offer our clients a quiet installation as well as an overall noise reduction in their homes. As MetalWorks shingles are installed on your roof using a fastening technique to eliminate vibrations, your setup will make no more noise than a traditional asphalt assembly. With over seven-thousand installations and counting, MetalWorks has never received a customer complaint about installation noise.

Not only do we offer a quiet, and stress-free way of installing metal roofing- but once established, our roofing can eliminate outside noise. With Metal Roofing Solutions, we place sheathing material between our metal roofing and your existing roof surface. This double layer effectively reduces the sounds made from rain, hail, storms, windblown debris and other weather conditions berating your home.

If these perks still don’t strike your fancy, contact one of our Metal Roofing Solutions staff to learn more about what our company can do for you and your home!