Quick tips for protecting your home from strong winds

Canada’s weather patterns can be unpredictable, and at times, rather aggressive and damaging. While a metal roof can protect your home from the harsh elements of Canadian seasons, it is still a good idea to understand how you can protect your home from factors like strong winds. Strong wind can be quite destructive to a building, so in this article by Metal Roofing Solutions, we will talk about a few ways that you can protect your home against these types of winds. Read on for more information.

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Be aware of potential threats

Before the wind storm picks up, check the perimeter of your home to be aware of any potential risks. Whether it’s a broken fence, loose branch or crumbling roof shingles, make any necessary renovations or improvements to ensure you keep your family safe. If the weather escalates and a hurricane warning is issued, consider moving any trees that are close to your home. The cost of moving a tree will sure be cheaper than the cost of fixing its potential damages.

Keep your appliances grounded

Along with making any last minute exterior renovations, make sure any of your outdoor furniture or appliances are tied down and secure, this includes patio furniture, barbeques, sporting equipment, and even your garden shed. These objects can be anchored down by being bolted to the ground with cables or chains, or you can also move them inside if possible.

Cover your doors and windows

You might also want to consider installing steel or aluminum storm shutters if the wind continues to grow stronger. This will protect your windows from shattering in case flying objects hit your glass, or from bursting open if they are hit by strong gusts of wind.


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