Metal Roofing Solutions Offering New Roof Opportunities in the Oshawa Area

Are you researching new roof opportunities in the Oshawa area, because Metal Roofing Solutions could be for you! As a company that prides itself not only on our products but our transparency as well, we are more than happy to answer any and all of your questions.

Read on to learn more about Metal Roofing Solutions and how our company can provide you with the best services around!


As a company, we understand how expensive and time consuming finding a contractor can be for our clients. Enough research has to be done to understand each company’s price listings and warranty options so you can be sure you are getting the best deal on the market.

When searching for the best-priced roofing for you, the most effective way to compare companies is to look at an array of factors. Price variances are based on the substrate material, commission sales, treatment of the specific metal, size of the roofing company, stripping costs and overall cost per square foot. The standard pricing range for metal roofing per square foot is usually between $6 to $10.

Metal Roofing Solutions offers free quotes on new roof installations in the Oshawa area. If you find a roofing estimate better than ours, inform us at Metal Roofing Solutions and let our company try to beat it! You should not only be researching the overall price of installation and material used for your metal roofing but take into account the warranty guidelines of each company as well.


Asking the right questions is vital to understanding how guarantees work for you. There may be hidden terms and conditions within your company’s warranty that rear their ugly head only after you have signed the contract with them. So make sure you are getting the most out of your warranty before signing your money and rights away.

You want the terms of your warranty spelled out in black and white and inscribed on paper so you can know exactly what you are getting. Metal Roofing Solutions offers our clients a fifty-year warranty on their new roof in the Oshawa area, so they know just how much we stand behind our products.

Researching the companies that produce the best products and warranties when it comes to obtaining your new roof in the Oshawa area can start and stop with Metal Roofing Solutions.

Contact us today to talk directly to a Metal Roofing Solutions employee, or continue to search our website for the answers you need!