Metal Roofing Solutions and Your Home

Metal Roofing Solutions is here to provide the best metal roofing material and contractors for you and your home. At the distributor of Tamko’s metal roofing products, we want to provide Canadians with the highest quality metal roofing available.

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One Size Does Not Fit All

Problem-solving is what we do best- finding solutions for all of our clients is the primary mission of our company. Each roof is entitled to their own resolutions as each roof has their individual characteristics and problem areas.

Every home and every client is different, so the way we approach your roofing project should reflect that. With a focus on customer relations, we let our clients guide the process. We offer a free roofing estimate to help you determine the state of your roof and how we can best help you and your home.

Chemically Sound

Here at Metal Roofing SOlutions, we want to provide your home with the most chemically sound and durable products. We extend our clients a warranty of fifty years when it comes to our metal roofing. That lifespan includes not only the structural soundness of the material but also the color quality of our products. So no need to worry that your color will fade over time, as our roofing is coated in Fluoropolymer, they are chemically engineered to resist chalking and fading.

This Fluorine Bond and Fluoropolymer resin come from the base mineral of Fluorspar, which can chemically stand up to the elements- whether it’s the huge snowstorms Canadian winters are known for to the intense heat waves produced in the summertime, to the rainstorms and lightning strikes that hit in the springtime. Metal Roofing Solutions has you and your home covered for all weather conditions that our country’s versatile seasons create.

The Lightweight Alternative

Metal carries with it a heavy connotation. Many people think of this material and automatically think substantial or weighty. But in the case of metal roofing, this does not hold true. Our roofing is made out of panels that are a third of the weight of asphalt shingles, sheets, shingles, and tiles so Metal Roofing Solutions has you and your home covered.

Alternative roofing material such as concrete or clay, are more substantial and as a result, need a stronger frame to support them. Reinforcing this extra support will add thousands of dollars to your construction costs. By using this lightweight metal roofing option, your walls will need no additional support, ultimately saving the homeowner unnecessary costs.

As our president and CEO of Metal Roofing Solutions, Colleen Alves says, “We don’t just sell metal roofs, we believe in the Metal Roofing Solution.”

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