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Every single day the roof of a building takes the brunt of the elements. Every day it is subjected to one or more of the following: wind, rain, snow and a direct bombardment of UV rays. It stands to reason that the investment you make in your roof protects the entire investment of your home. A metal roof in Stouffville Ontario is the best way to secure the investment you’ve made in your property because it outperforms any other roofing material. If you are considering replacing your current roof with a new metal roof, then we encourage you to consider Metal Roofing Solutions. Read on for more information about the benefits of a metal roof in Stouffville Ontario.

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Metal roofing is one of the fastest growing segments of home improvement, more than quadrupling its market share over the past decade. The benefits offered by today’s metal roofs allow homeowners and business owners to upgrade their roofs with products of lasting value. Below are just some of the benefits metal roofs provide to your investment:

Energy Savings:

A metal roof can save you up to 40% of your energy costs. It’s all in the colour coating and we will  help you understand how this is possible. Standard Metal Roofing Solutions colour coating systems are ENERGY STAR® listed. Our products help to reduce the solar heat load on buildings, thereby reducing energy expenditures for cooling.


Did you know that a metal roof in Stouffville Ontario can last 50-70 years! That is 5-7 times longer than a standard asphalt shingle roof. With metal roofing, you need not worry. Longevity is one of the top reasons consumers report choosing metal roofing for their homes. Chances are good that a metal roof will be the last roof you ever install on your home or business.

Various Colours:

A metal roof has been a good solution for many homeowners. There are an assortment of beautiful profiles that are available to choose from. The low maintenance and energy savings have proven to be very beneficial and a good solution.


Metal roofs are given a Class A fire rating. This means that a metal roof is one of the most fire resistant available. They are non-combustible. A non-flammable roof is a definite plus.

Metal Roofing Solutions

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