Metal Roof Caledon Ontario

A roof is the most distinguished, important and visible part of every home. That’s why when deciding on a roofing system, it’s essential to consider the material. In choosing the roofing system that you will use, it’s important to ask for help from a professional who is knowledgeable about it. This way, you’ll know if a metal roof in Caledon Ontario is better than shingles. Metal Roofing Solutions is an expert on everything to do with metal roofing, and we can answer all of your questions, from the material, to the installation process, and anything else!  Read on for more information about the differences between shingles and a metal roof in Caledon Ontario.

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A metal roof and asphalt shingles are the most sought after roofing system. That’s why if you’re planning to build a new home or refurbish the existing roofing system, it makes sense to do some comparison between the metal roofing vs asphalt shingles:


In terms of weight, the metal roof in Caledon Ontario is lighter than the asphalt shingles. This is an important factor to consider in choosing a roofing system to ensure that you’re choosing a material in which the weight is bearable by the foundation of your house.


The lifespan of the roofing system is another factor to consider. Although shingles are easier to install as compared to a metal roof, the former roofing material requires immediate replacement particularly if it’s compromised by heat. On the contrary, the metal roof can last for a lot longer because it has the ability to endure different weather conditions.


In terms of affordability, it’s important to make a metal roof vs shingles cost comparison. The metal roof cost is higher than the asphalt shingles. The metal shingle roof cost varies depending on several factors. Likewise, the maintenance and installation of the metal roofing are another reason why this roofing system would cost you a larger amount of money than the asphalt shingles. Nevertheless, in the long run the difference in the cost isn’t a big deal because a metal roof in Caledon Ontario will last longer than the shingles.


In addition, the durability of the roofing system is another factor to consider. A metal roof in Caledon Ontario is water resistant, while the shingles are not. The shingles can be easily damaged by extreme heat and water damage. That’s why there’s a great possibility that water-infiltration and leaks may happen in the long run. Unlike a metal roof, the shingles are handmade, and that’s why their quality seems inconsistent. The color patterns are also difficult to match.

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