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As consumers become more educated about the need for sustainable living, many homeowners and homebuyers are prioritizing eco-friendly living in their home purchases and renovations. To meet the public outcry for conservation, recyclability and sustainability, those in the home improvement and construction industries are seeking solid alternatives that will adhere to even the most rigorous standards of eco-friendliness and sustainable living. Of the various home improvement green solutions, a metal roof in Burlington is definitely one that is gaining great popularity even among the most skeptical homeowners and buyers. Read on for more information about metal roofing from Metal Roofing Solutions.

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A metal roof is durable and eco-friendly

Made of various metal materials, such as tin, aluminum, copper, and galvanized steel, metal roofs are known to withstand some of Mother Nature’s most wicked rages. Be it heavy rainstorms, hailstorms or snow, metal roofs will keep homeowners safe and away from the elements. In addition to being fire-resistant and impervious to the most unforgiving weathers and troublesome pests, metal roofs are also an environmentally friendly roofing solution for their superior energy-saving features, unmatched longevity and high recyclability. 

A metal roof is energy efficient

Considered a ‘cool’ roof, metal roofs are an energy efficient roofing solution that will save homeowners a ton on their energy expenditure. A metal roof in Burlington can retract heat from the sun on the summer months and keep your house much cooler.

Metal roofing is recyclable

Many metal roofs contain up to 40 percent recycled steels, while the content of metal roofs in itself is 100 percent recyclable. As a result of its high recyclability and reusability, metal roof materials rarely become waste in a landfill.

Metal roofing lasts a long time

Metal roofs outperform other roofing materials in longevity and durability, with the typical service life of a metal roof in Burlington being two to three times longer than that of asphalt shingles. Metal roofs are also malleable and can be pressed and shaped without suffering any break or crack. Lasting considerably longer than the average 15 to 23 year service life of asphalt shingles, a metal roof can last up to 60 years and beyond. Combined with its minimal upkeep, it is no wonder that homeowners love metal roofs for their generous financial savings in roofing repair and replacement.

Metal Roofing Solutions

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