Homeowners in the Ajax area that are browsing the market for a new roof can start and stop their search in one place- here at Metal Roofing Solutions. If you are looking to install metal roofing on your home in Ajax and you need a professional and reliable company, with a whole inventory of top-of-the-line metal shingles and tiles to choose from, then you came to the right place! To learn more about our efficient installation process, and all of the coverage that goes along with it, continue to read through this article below. 

Convenient Installation 

Our products are more extensive than other metal shingles on the market, with fewer shingles and fasteners needed per square foot, making the installation process even easier! MetalWorksⓇ products can be applied over your home’s existing asphalt shingles, with up to two layers worth. This allows for added savings when it comes to time and money, as it eliminates disposal costs of the old roofing and the hassle that goes along with it. 

Clipped Fastening System

All of our metal roofing products are installed using heavy gauge clips, so there is no through shingle fastening required during the process. This allows for expansion and contraction of the metal, without being bound by fasteners, providing even more protection and durability against the elements. Galvanized roofing nails are also used underneath the shingles and will therefore never be exposed to the elements, making sure your home is protected as possible. 

4-Way Interlocking Design

On top of the easy installation, and innovative fastening system, our shingles interlock on all sides, ensuring that there is no weather penetration to your roof. Other products on the market use a side overlap design which creates less protection overall for the home. Our intricate 4-way locking design ensures no such gaps exist, for all-around coverage, providing you peace of mind even on the stormiest of nights!

Free Estimate

If you are looking to install metal roofing on your home in Ajax, then give us a call at Metal Roofing Solutions to obtain a free estimate. One of our knowledgeable and skilled team members will come to your house and assess your roofing situation so they can provide you with the complete cost of your project. If you have any questions about our products or services, they would be happy to answer them all. 

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