With winter finally loosening its hold on the Whitby area, and spring quickly approaching, now is the time to check the state of your roof with the turning of the seasons. Homeowners who are asking themselves how to tell if they have a roof leak can follow the inspection steps below as compiled by us here at Metal Roofing Solutions, to make sure their roof is in good repair. 

Damaged Or Missing Shingles 

Inspecting your roof from the outside is the best way to check for broken or missing shingles. Walk around your home and if you notice roofing debris scattered around the ground, then your home could be in need of significant repairs. Curling shingles are another sign of water damage, making them ineffective at adequately protecting the roof from the elements. It is time to call a professional if you see damaged or missing shingles, as the state of your roof will only continue to break down if not addressed right away. 

Roof Rot

Shingles can begin to rot if they absorb too much moisture into the mat. This is more common with organic-based shingles but can happen in most roofing materials. Moss or algae can grow on the shingles due to the excess of moisture, and cause further damage to the state of your roof.

The Condition of the Attic 

Sometimes it can be hard to tell if your roof is leaking from the outside, so it is essential to check the state of your roof from the inside. You can do this by looking at the condition of your attic. If you notice water damage in your attic, then this is a sure sign that something is wrong with your roof.

Water Stains 

If the telltale signs of water damage have penetrated deeper into the home, creating water stains on the walls or ceiling, the development of mould is always a possibility. If you notice puddles or stains ringed with brown, then you should call a professional roofing company as soon as possible. 

Mysterious Drip

Sometimes a leak does not make itself apparent with an easily spotted puddle or stain. If a leak is occurring somewhere else that cannot be detected, sometimes an ongoing or intermittent drip is the only indication of water damage. If you occasionally see a drip happening in the home, don’t wait for the damage to become apparent before calling a professional, as chronic moisture problems can cause permanent damage to your home. 

So if the above information has helped to tell if you have a roof leak on your Whitby home, then a call to Metal Roofing Solutions is all you need to obtain professional repair and installation services. 

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