How much does a new metal roof increase the value of my home?

Over the centuries, a variety of materials have served as home roofing, including asphalt shingles, wood shingles, and different kinds of slate or clay tiling. Metal is a durable home roofing material. Roofing made of metal such as copper or zinc was frequently seen on buildings in the late 1700s. Metal roofing can improve a home’s resale value as well as its insulating capability. At Metal Roofing Solutions in Whitby, ON, we take great pride in our metal roofing material and installations. All of our metal roofing shingles and accessories are 100% recyclable; they’ll never end up in a landfill, and we stand behind our metal shingles! If you are wondering if a new metal roof will increase your home’s value, then you have come to the right place. In this blog, we share some information about how a new metal roof can increase your home’s value.

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This is, perhaps, the greatest benefit of replacing your roof with a metal roof. That’s because most roofs will last a few decades; meanwhile having a metal roof will mean that your home has guaranteed protection for the next 40 to 70 years. For some, this means they won’t need to have the roof replaced during the entire duration of their homeownership. This can be a huge selling point for people looking to buy your home! 


Metal roofs have more benefits than a lot of other materials. That’s because they do not corrode the same way that other roofs do. Some roofs crack under pressure or they decompose due to external circumstances; however, metal roofs are secure enough to maintain these external conditions. Metal roofs require less maintenance than the majority of other materials. You don’t need to worry about tiles breaking or shingles falling off, therefore, you don’t need to have your roof repaired as often.


Some roofing material isn’t as safe as metal roofs. That’s because some materials are susceptible to flooding. When a roof tile breaks, for example, this leaves a part of your roof vulnerable to leaks and floods. Water will pool in these places and before long, you’ll have to have your roof repaired. Luckily, metal roofs are both leak and fire-resistant. If your home experiences lightning in the close vicinity, it won’t affect your roof. Since we know how important it is for you to have a safe him, you’ll want to keep this advantage in mind.


There’s nothing worse than having a home that retains too much heat in Summer. With the warming climate, you can never be too careful and the more energy-efficient your home is, the better. The good news is that metal roofs are reflective and as such, they reflect solar heat easily. By using metal roofs, then, you can help to reduce your electricity consumption because you won’t need to spend as much money on cooling systems.


This touches a little on what we already discussed. For one thing, when you have a metal roof, you’re reducing your energy consumption. This significantly reduces your carbon footprint and reduces the number of greenhouse gasses you emit. Not only this, but metals roofs are usually composed of recycled materials. You can expect as little as a quarter of the roof to be made of recycled materials or as much as 95% of it. For homeowners who consider the environment a top priority, there’s no doubt that this is a major bonus.

These are just a few of the benefits that you, or someone who buys your home, can experience with a new metal roof. Installing a new metal roof on your home can increase it’s value tenfold. Let the pros at Metal Roofing Solutions get you set up with a new metal roof today! 

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