When is the best time to install metal roofing?

So you’ve decided that you want to take advantage of the benefits of metal roofing, but you’re not sure about the best time to schedule your installation. Fortunately, metal roofing does not require the special precautions that shingles do in cold weather, making it possible to install it year-round! At Metal Roofing Solutions in Whitby, ON, we take great pride in our metal roofing material and installations. We are a leading supplier of high-end metal roofing material working with contractors from all over Canada. If you are wondering when is the best time to install a metal roof on your home, then you have come to the right place. In this article by Metal Roofing Solutions, we share some information about this. 

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Have a metal roof installed during peak season 

Typically, with metal roof installations, “Peak Season” is considered late summer and early fall. This is because the intense summer heat has died down and cooler temperatures are beginning to roll in. Additionally, the weather in peak season is predictable, which means metal roofing installers can more accurately predict the weather they will have for the job. 

Installing a metal roo fin the winter

Yes, you read that correct, metal roofing can actually be installed in the winter as well. If you think that roofing can only be done during warm weather, then it probably comes as a surprise that winter is a great time to install a metal roof. It is the slow season for roofers, so you’re more likely to get your job installed quickly. However, most metal roofing installers will not install the roofing if the temperature is below freezing. This is because the frigid temperatures can actually warp the metal and make the roof look bad. If you are going to have a metal roof installed in the winter, it is essential to plan for as early into the season as possible when the temperatures are still above freezing.  

At Metal Roofing Solutions in Whitby, ON, our customers can find high-end metal roofing material and installations. There is no better time to install a metal roof on your home or commercial building than right now! If you are looking for more information about this, we encourage you to get in touch with a representative at Metal Roofing Solutions today. 

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