Warning signs that you need a new roof

Have you recently gone outside and looked up at yoru roof to examine its condition? Have you gone on your roof to doa close inspection and you have come to the conclusion that it may be time to replace the roof? Are you considering replacing your old roof with a new metal roof? At Metal Roofing Solutions, our customers can be supplied with some very high-end high-grade metal roofing material. We have metal roofing material available in a large selection of colours as well. In this article, we share some information about a few warning signs that you need a new roof. Read on to learn more. 

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Is your roof leaking? 

Have you noticed leaking coming from your roof inside? A roof leak is one of the more serious indicators that you may be in need of a new roof. Your roof could be damaged somewhere and water could be leaking in from outside. To check for roof leaks, go up to your attic regularly, preferably right after a rainfall. Look closely for any signs of water intrusion, as serious leaks in your home are most likely to originate here.  

Are there cracks on yoru roof?

Cracked shingles are often caused by wind damage. If the cracks are limited to just a few shingles, replacing them is the most practical solution. However, if there are cracks dispersed randomly all over the roof, this is a telltale sign that a roof replacement is necessary. 

Are you experiencing poor energy efficiency?

Are you noticing that your energy bills are increasing and your usage is up more than usual? If so, it could be the result of a poorly insulated roof. Although most homeowners focus on insulating their doors and windows to decrease their energy bills, it is often the roof that is the culprit. A poorly insulated roof allows air to come in and go out more easily, which can lead to exorbitant energy bills, especially during the coldest months.

There are many other things to look for that could indicate that you are in need of a new roof. If you are considering a new metal roof, then we encourage you to get in touch with Metal Roofing Solutions today. 

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