Problems with old roofs and how to solve them

Metal roofing is one area of the home where it really pays to hire a professional roofing contractor to carry out the work. Unlike painting a room or putting up plasterboard, correcting problems in your property’s roof or replacing the roof entirely are not jobs to be taken on by amateurs. The metal roof is an important structural piece of your home’s architecture and its maintenance should not be trusted to inexperienced hands. That’s why when you have a problem with an old roof, whether that is a metal roof, a steel roof or even shingle, it’s important to call trusted, experienced and professional roofing companies that can deliver roof installation in the proper manner. At Metal Roofing Solutions, we don’t just supply customers and contractors with quality metal roofing material, but we are also in the business of providing the public with interesting and informative content about the industry. In this blog, we take a look at some problems with older roofs and how to solve them, which includes installing a new metal roof! 

What is a roof?

So, what exactly is a roof? Well, although an explanation may not seem to be needed few members of the general public accurately understand the importance of a roof to your home and those within it. As the roof is the highest part of your home, it deals with the majority of wind and wind-related elements. From the harsh driving rains to storm winds, sleet and hail, a strong roof protects everything below. This is particularly important in Ontario, an area with heavy snow and sometimes brutal weather. This is also the reason we so commonly recommend metal roofs. A roof’s construction, its innate integrity and ability to do its job, depends on two separate aspects. One of these is the skill of the metal roof company that you choose to contract for the installation and, if applicable, the manufacture of your metal roof.

Problems with old roofing 

There are many characteristic problems that will tell you when it is time to replace the roof on your home. Assuming the roof has been well installed and fitted, this is usually the case only after years of faithful service when an old roof is coming towards the end of its useful life. It’s at this point when you should start thinking about replacement. Through the roof replacement diagnosis may come from various signals, these are some of the clearest to consider.

Leaking gutters:

When the gutters of your home’s roof begin to leak or rainwater constantly spills onto the ground rather than being retained by gutters, it should not be ignored. Falling water can cause problems with damp, which in turn, can reduce the integrity of a structure. 

Ice dams and snow damage:

This winter problem is usually associated with a roof being unable to properly control the temperature of the attic below. Attic temperatures in the center of the roof cause snow to melt, but the water runoff refreezes when it gets to the edge of the roof. The meltwater can often get under the flashing and cause damage, or flow straight off the roof to form icicles.

High heating bill:

Up to half of utility bills spent in the home will go on heating. But if your tired roof has dropped in efficiency you can expect your energy bill to jump. Considering that the roof is your first layer of defense against both the heat of the sun and the cold of the wind, snow or rain, definitely necessary in Ontario, then you can easily understand why an efficient roof is necessary. 

Each of these roofing problems can be resolved by the installation of a metal roof. The metal roofs that Metal Roofing Solutions employ are a superb mixture of durable construction, unique technologies and professional teams that carry out the installation. Roofing manufacturing companies are producing more affordable materials than ever before, meaning metal roofers can install incredible metal roofs at a price that offers superb value for money.

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