At Metal Roofing Solutions, we partner with TamkoⓇ, as we offer their high-quality, durable line of MetalWorksⓇ products to our Whitby clients and beyond. So if you are wondering, how long does a steel roof last and what gives our products their longevity and durability, then continue to read through this article to find out the answer. 

Industrial Strength Barrier Protection 

All of our products are coated in a durable layer of zinc for added protection against environmental elements. This physical barrier provides your steel roof with sacrificial protection, as the zinc will first react to the elements, leaving the steel unaffected. 

Many other forms of metal roofing on the market only produce products with G-30 or G-60 levels of galvanization. G-90 is the recognized standard in the architectural industry for monumental buildings, and as such our products offer greater protection for your home. This is just one of the ways that MetalWorksⓇ products offer a longer lifespan for homeowners. 

Tried And Tested 

Extensive testing and code approval have been done on Metalworks® line of products, making it Code Compliant Nationwide, and the most tested shingle on the market today. 

Fluoropolymer Coating

The main reason TamkoⓇ products are so durable, and long lasting is because of the chemical coating that is used to protect all of their shingles and tiles. Fluorspar is the base mineral from which Fluoropolymer resin is developed, which provides the metal products with their ability to resist chalking and fading from the elements for up to 50 years!

No known chemistry on the market can compete with the environmental durability exhibited by Fluoropolymer coatings. MetalWorksⓇ products are able to possess this strong resin, because they are paired with products created by the leading company in the industry, Valspar. Valspar is a $2 billion corporation and the largest non-automotive coatings manufacturer in the world, making them the ultimate source for high-quality coating, and assuring you the most significant protection for your home. 

Extensive Warranty

A 50-year Manufacturers warranty is attached to every single one of our TamkoⓇ products to illustrate just how much they stand by their product line. This Limited Warranty, subject to its terms and conditions, provides you with a solution in case of a manufacturing defect causes your shingles to fail to perform their intended purpose.

When it comes to the coverage of MetalWorks®, in galvanization and Fluoropolymer coating, as well as warranty coverage, Metal Roofing Solution provides a long-lasting roofing solution for you and your Whitby home. So if you are wondering how long a steel roof lasts to protect your home, we can provide you with protection for over fifty years! 

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