Metal Roofing Oakville
More homeowners are choosing to install metal roofing than other types of roof materials that were once very popular. Metal is more durable than other materials and offers good protection from the harsh characteristics of our Canadian winters, strong UV rays, and unpredictable weather. Steel has long been used for roofing materials for industrial buildings, but has become more popular choice for homes. In this article by Metal Roofing Solutions, we will talk about metal roofing in Oakville, and how this durable material can provide a number of benefits. Read on for more information.

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Metal roofing can fit different home designs.
Metal roofing contractors are now able to install aesthetically pleasing steel roofs in various designs. This makes metal a more sensible option today due to its resilience and attractive designs for homes. Manufacturers can produce metal roof panels that look like slate, clay times, or cedar shake. This makes the roof very versatile to suit any kind of home design.

Metal roofing is fire resistant.
Another advantage to this kind of roof is its ability to resist fire. It is the perfect kind of roofing material for places that are prone to wildfires, like in Western Canada. If a fire does occur inside the home, a steel roof can prevent the fire from spreading while keeping the flames contained within the structure. It can possibly save lives and other properties. Metal roofing material comes with a Class A fire rating, which is the highest rating for non-combustible material.

Metal roofing is very versatile.
Another advantage of metal roofing is its versatility. Aside from having many designs that will be suitable for various kinds of architecture, metal roofing can also be purchased in different colors.

Metal roofing is lightweight.
Metal roofing is also lighter because it is made up of thin panels or sheets. They need less support to hold them up. Other types of roofing materials such as, concrete or clay, are heavy and need stronger frames to support them. This extra support will add thousands of dollars to your home construction costs. Metal roofs are also easy to install and ultimately saving the homeowner undue labor expense.

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