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Is a metal roof a good investment for you?

The benefits of metal roofing have gotten a lot of press in recent years. Most people are aware that a metal roof means a larger investment than the old technology asphalt and fiberglass shingles. So, how can you tell if the extra investment of a metal roof is right for you? In this article by Metal Roofing Solutions, we will answer the question of, “Is a metal roof the right investment for you?” Read on for more information.

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How long do you plan on staying in your home?

For homeowners who intend to stay in their home through at least one “re-roofing cycle,” a metal roof makes good financial sense. In most areas, a re-roofing cycle is from 8–12 years. Roofing prices, regardless of the product, tend to double every 10 – 15 years. When you work through the numbers, if you intend to stay in your home long-term you will likely see a real financial benefit to a metal roof.

Do you plan to gift or sell your home to a relative or friend?

Increasingly, homeowners are making plans to gift or sell their home to a friend or relative. In that case, a worry-free metal roof can be a nice “extra” for your loved one rather than leaving them with an inferior roof that will someday need to be replaced.

How complicated is the shape of your roof?

Many roofs today have incredibly complex geometry, hips, valleys, wall intersections, skylights, pitch changes, rounded areas, you name it. Complex roofs require a great deal of labor no matter what type of roofing material is installed. For owners of complex roofs, a metal roof can make more sense than continually having to spend money on roof installation labor costs. Additionally, conventional roofs rarely “wear out” in the simple areas of the roof. It is always at the joints and intersections where problems occur. As a result, complex roofs can be more prone to the problems that come over time with conventional shingles.

How old is your home?

Older homes may not be able to tolerate the additional weight if  you are shingling over the existing roof. The low weight of a metal roof can be of huge benefit to a home that may be showing signs of age including structural sagging and deterioration.

Are your A/C costs through the roof?

Does your home have adequate ventilation and insulation? Do you have living spaces in the attic area? Or, do you live in a very warm climate? For people with these situations, a heat reflective metal roof, combined with maximum ventilation, can really reduce energy costs, bringing payback to the homeowner.



If you are struggling to decide if a new metal roof is a good investment for you, then hopefully you have asked yourself these questions and gotten some good answers. Metal Roofing Solutions can answer any of your questions regarding our metal roofing material, and how it can benefit your home. Feel free to continue browsing through our website for more information. Click here to find our contact information and to fill out our contact form.